Journalists Protest Outside PEMRA Head Office

Journalists have staged a protest outside the PEMRA headquarters due to repeatedly banning BOL News transmission in different areas of the country and changing its number on the cable.

According to details, the journalist community of Rawalpindi, Islamabad staged a protest against Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig outside PEMRA head office. The protest was attended by different people including civil society.

The participants condemned the retaliatory actions of Chairman PEMRA against BOL TV and said that if Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig did not stop illegal actions against BOL TV then the scope of protest would be widened.

Earlier, BOL News had submitted a complaint to register an FIR against Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig and others to the SHO of Zaman Town.

Contempt of court petition against PEMRA Chairman Saleem Baig and others has also been filed by BOL News.

As per the petition, Chairman PEMRA has given illegal instructions to cable operators to off-air BOL News transmission in different cities despite the court orders given on 25th January. PEMRA officials have threatened the cable operators to put BOL News on the last number.

The petition filed by BOL News highlighted that how PEMRA officials are deliberately violating court orders. For the contempt of court, BOL news urges to summon the Chairman PEMRA and others to the court.

Source: Bol News

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