Journalists boycott National Assembly session over closure of Press Gallery

ISLAMABAD: The Parliamentary Reporters Association (PRA) on Monday launched a strong protest during the National Assembly’s session against the closure of press gallery on eve of joint sitting of the Parliament on September 13.

The parliamentary reporters lodged their protest by wearing black armbands and used face masks bearing cross mark. Soon after the national anthem, the journalists walked out of

The press gallery and refused to cover the NA proceeding.

The PPP parliamentarian Shazia Mari drew attention of Speaker Asad Qaisar towards journalists’ boycott.

The Speaker sent PTI chief whip Aamir Dogar, Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi and Saira Bano to address grievances of the journalists.

PRA President Siddique Sajid said all the parliamentary reporters were united and there was no grouping in the association. He said concerned reporters were not issued invitation cards for the joint-session held on September 13.

PRA General Secretary Asif Bashir Chaudhry questioned that upon whose suggestion the Speaker had order to close the press gallery, saying such act was not witnessed even in dictatorial regimes.

PTI chief whip Aamir Dogar assured protesting journalists that a meeting between the PRA members and the NA Speaker would be arranged to resolve the issue.

Source: The News

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