Journalist Protection Bill introduced in National Assembly

ISLAMABAD—The much-awaited Protection of Journalists and Media Professionals Bill, 2021, was introduced in the National Assembly on Friday.

Lal Chand, Parliamentary Secretary for Human Rights, introduced the bill to promote, protect, and effectively ensure the independence, impartiality, safety, and freedom of expression of journalists and media professionals.

The law would offer journalists and media professionals the right to carry out their work in conflict-affected areas in the country without threats, intimidation, harassment, or fear of persecution or targeting.

Under the bill, the government would take all steps to protect journalists and media professionals from all forms of abuse, violence, and exploitation at the hands of any person, institution (private or public) or authority.

Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian Dr. Nafeesa Shah said that she had also moved a bill as a private member for the journalists’ protection. She said that she and her party believed in freedom of expression. However, she said she did not want to make the bill controversial and announced withdrawing it.

Source: APP

National Assembly

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