Hyderabad police arrest suspected murderer of journalist Ilyas Warsi

suspectsHyderabad: Police claimed to have arrested two suspects in connection with the murder of Ilyas Warsi, a journalist whose body was found in his apartment on June 15.
Warsi was working for Sindhi newspaper Daily Kawish.
According to a police spokesperson, one of the suspects, Ahmed, killed the journalist over a financial dispute. The other one, Shoaib, facilitated the suspected murderer, police said.
The law enforcers say Ahmed has made a confessional statement, admitting that he murdered a journalist. Ahmed reportedly told police that he hit Warsi’s head with a hammer and then suffocated him.
Police seized the murder weapons, the spokesperson said in a statement issued to reporters. He said the arrests were made by a special team with the help of finger prints, DNA and other forensic evidence. Hyderabad SSP Sarfaraz Nawaz Shaikh formed the team.
Mean while according to APP report the Hyderabad police have arrested two suspects in connection with the murder of journalist Ilyas Warsi who was killed in his apartment on June 15.
The SSP Hyderabad Sarfaraz Nawaz Shaikh told a press conference here Friday that the suspect Ahmed Ansari allegedly killed Warsi while the second suspect Shoaib Rajput acted as the facilitator.
According to him, Ansari was booked in 4 FIRs at 2 police stations of Hyderabad and Rajput in 5 FIRs in 2 police stations of Hyderabad. “The suspect has confessed his crime that he killed the journalist over a matter pertaining to monetary dealing between the two,” the SSP said.
He informed that Ansari arrived from Karachi to Hyderabad a day before the incident and stayed at the flat of Warsi as the former was an acquaintance of the latter.
“The killer struck Warsi with a hammer and later stifled him to death by putting a piece of cloth on his mouth,” the SSP told.
He added that the police recovered the missing mobile phones of Warsi as well as some cash from Ansari.
Shaikh said the suspected killer left a note stating ‘revenge of father’ in Warsi’s room to confuse the police investigators as no matter of a personal revenge had been found as motive of the murder. Responding to a question, the SSP said the police were investigating as to what was the nature of financial dealings between Warsi and Ansari. When asked to disclose how did the police catch the suspects, the SSP said if they revealed the mode of inquiry which helped the police trace the suspects the other criminals like them would become cautious.
He apprised that the facilitator Rajput provided pick and drop service to the murderer, adding that Ansari left for Karachi after the murder.
The murder case of Warsi was lodged at Cant police station on complaint of Abdul Ghani, brother, who nominated unknown persons in the case.
Source: RMNP/APP

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