Free Press Unlimited Message on Pakistan World Press Freedom Day

Free Press Unlimited Message on Pakistan World Press Freedom Day

On World Press Freedom Day we turn all eyes on the danger of censorship and the hundreds of imprisoned journalists worldwide by launching the ‘The Erased’ campaign. Most of the time, the stories of imprisoned journalists remain untold – because what is not published cannot be read. Now, Free Press Unlimited makes them visible. Media outlets and organisations worldwide have joined Free Press Unlimited in making a stand against censorship.

Censorship, safety and imprisonment of journalists are a huge problem, also in Pakistan. Every year, three to four journalists are murdered because of their reporting on corruption or illegal trafficking. This makes Pakistan one of the deadliest countries for journalists.

,,We stand in solidarity and support. Now is the time to come together and fight against censorship. When journalism is under attack, we will raise our voice”, says Ruth Kronenburg, executive director of Free Press Unlimited. 

[Free Press Unlimited works with a nationwide network of partners in Pakistan, including media organisations and local media outlets. Over the course of several years we have achieved significant outcomes together. We have worked with the Pakistan Press Foundation to improve the capacity of Pakistani journalists in investigative reporting and the use of Right to Information mechanisms. Through the efforts of the Digital Rights Foundation there has been more attention for, and support directed towards, women journalists in Pakistan – with emphasis on digital security and well being. In the rural areas, the growth of the Tribal News Network both online and through radio has continued to provide access to inclusive and reliable information.]

Bart Lauret (he/him)

Senior Press Officer – Free Press Unlimited

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