Four RMNP nominees selected to attend UPR session of Pakistan in Geneva

Geneva, (Email Report) Four RMNP nominee journalists have been selected by a Geneva based Media Organization GMedia Center. RMNP had helped G Media Center in selecting the male and female journalists from Pakistan who will attend ” Week long Human Rights Training Workshop For journalists” being held from October 28 to November 4 in Geneva in conjunction with UPR session of Pakistan. The Gmedia Center Human Rights programme is designed to increase media’s awareness and access to the Geneva based Human Rights institution and materials, and to ensure quality coverage of human rights issues, reports and recommendations.

As per G Media Center announcement the following four RMNP nominees were selected for both Geneva events.


  1. Ms Rabia Pir reporter Voice of America ( Islamabad)
  2. Ms Hayyam Qyyuom (Article & Feature Writer Pakistan Observer Islamabad )
  3. Mr Wusat Ullah Khan  ( BBC Radio Urdu Service Karachi)
  4. Mr Shehzad Ahmed Khan ( Rural Daily Nawa-I-AhmedpurSharqia, AhmedpurEast)

Mr Shehzad Ahmed Khan is also RMNP instructor having six Master and M.phil degress and author of journalism book on basic journalism. All the expenses (including travel, accommodation and per diem) will be taken in charge by GMedia center. Meanwhile President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar and RMNP Coordinator for Women Mrs NajamunNisa Bukhari have greeted all above-mentioned selected journalists and hoped that thy would share their experience with RMNP in near future.

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