Fawad Chaudhry denies he has resigned

ISLAMABAD – Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry on Sunday denied reports he had resigned but admitted there were some issues.
In a tweet, he said he had neither submitted his resignation nor the PM had asked him to do so.
He added that the prime minister had always been kind to him and that it was the PM’s trust and personal relationship that was more important than any government office.
Neither I have submitted resignation nor PM has asked me to tender resignation, there are issues and I have raised those issues with PM…PM has always been kind to me, its PM trust and personal relationship that is more important to me than any Govt office,
— Ch Fawad Hussain (@fawadchaudhry) February 24, 2019
The minister has in recent weeks targeted the PTV management claiming it was not up to the mark.
The minister’s latest tirade against the PTV came during a visit to the headquarters on Wednesday.
He pointed out that when the organization’s managers begin drawing massive salaries problems were bound to occur.
“We all know the problems that PTV faces; the pensioners have nowhere to go when they fall sick, their kids cannot get married, and they have so many other issues.”
PTV’s new Managing Director Arshad Khan took charge only in November last year.
The minister’s comments, however, were neutralized by Naeemul Haque, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs through a tweet. “The Prime Minister has full confidence in the Board of PTV, and its management and believes PTV should be an independent organization like BBC and the government will take all steps necessary toward that end.”
In another tweet, Haque said: “All the newcomers in PTI must understand and follow the philosophy of Imran Khan. PTI is a strong ideological movement, and its success has been due to steadfast determination of its leader to pursue justice and fairness. Anyone thinking otherwise has no future in the party.”
Several weeks earlier, the minister wrote a nasty letter to Arshad Khan, holding him responsible for whatever ails the organization.
The PTV’s Board of Directors wrote back an equally harsh letter to the minister.
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Source: JPim

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