Editor Urdu Monthly Magazine receives threats

LAHORE – Editor of Urdu monthly Magazine, Naya Zamana Lahore, Mohammad Shoaib Adil is receiving life threats from religious militants as seven years ago he published an autobiography of a retired Lahore High Court judge, Muhammad Islam Bhatti.
These religious militants have also submitted an application for registering a blasphemy case against him. He was also kept in protective custody by the police for one night.
Mohammad Shoaib Adil told that he and his family are continuously receiving life threats from unidentified people.
Muhammad Shoaib Adil is the son of a renowned religious scholar, the late professor Rafiullah Shahab.
Since religious extremism is on the rise, life of those who believe in rationality and pluralism or those who advocate human rights or the rights of minority in the country are under seriously risk.
While expressing serious consideration over the sad state of affairs in Pakistan, the enlightened circles in the country have demanded prompt and immediate action in this regard both from the government and human rights organisations.
Source. The Nation

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