Day to End Impunity – CJA says impunity impedes a free media

In countries across the world journalists are being threatened, arrested and killed, yet those responsible are seldom brought to justice.
So far this year 48 (CPJ) journalists and media workers have been killed. These brave journalists had been covering wars, exposing corruption and crime, and reporting on violations of human rights and other abuses. In most cases their work has upset powerful forces or individuals, and little effort is made to identify or punish the perpetrators.
Surveys by the Committee to Protect Journalists indicate that covering politics is more dangerous than covering war, and that the culture beat is as lethal as the crime beat. The rise of mobile Internet technology and social media has presented new dangers for journalists.
Impunity encourages threats, adds power to harassment, and impedes the function of a free and independent media – a cornerstone of civil society.
Today, on the Day to End Impunity, the Commonwealth Journalists Association calls for investigation and prosecution of attacks on journalists. Sign a petition, write a letter, tweet or post on social media to spread the word.
Commonwealth Journalists Association

Rita Payne, President
Pat Perkel, Executive Director

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