Dawn News bars staff from running YouTube channels

ISLAMABAD—Aurora Broadcasting Services (Pvt.) Limited, which manages DawnNews TV, has issued a comprehensive guideline prohibiting staff members from running YouTube channels or contributing to other publications and news blogs.

In an email message to all employees, the TV management stated: “As per employment terms any gainful employment or activity that may be in conflict with the interests of Aurora Broadcasting Services (Pvt.) Limited without explicit prior written approval of the management will be termed as violation of terms of employment and open to disciplinary action.”

“It is therefore, reiterated that all employees must seek prior written approval before undertaking any such commitment,” it further stated, highlighting that “This includes providing technical or a certain skill set service to another organization or group.”

According to the management, being involved in any other form of trade or business, having a regular YouTube or similar social media channel, writing for other publications/websites local or foreign is no more allowed.

“The management however, reserves the right to give permission for any such activity which it feels does not conflict with its interests or which may help and support the promotion of organization’s interests/wellbeing,” the email concluded.

Source: Journalism Pakistan


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