CPNE announces to constitute Press Freedom and Monitoring Committee

KARACHI: Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) President Arif Nizami on Monday announced to constitute CPNE Press Freedom and Monitoring Committee (PFMC).

A statement issued by CPNE Secretary General Dr Jabbar Khattak said that the approval of setting-up PFMC was given during a recent meeting of Standing Committee of CPNE.

According to the announcement, the purpose of PFMC and its set responsibilities include working for media freedom, right to information, promoting ethical journalism, and to consider advise the Standing Committee on matter related to the press.

The committee will be liable to inform the Standing Committee of CPNE about its decisions and recommendations.
CPNE also announced to appoint various members as the officials of PFMC. Online News Agency Editor Abdul Khalique Ali was appointed as Chairman, Maqsood Yousufi, Daily Nai Baat Editor as Deputy Chairman.
While Adnan Malik (Daily Ummat), Moazzam Fakhar (Daily Jahan-e-Pakistan), Sher Muhammad Khuhawar (Daily Appeal), Sardar Khan Niazi (Daily Pakistan), Aslam Khan (Internews Agency), Mian Fazal Ellahi (Monthly Diplomatic Focus), Malik Liaquat Ali (Daily Din), Saeed Khawar (Roznama 92 News), Muzaffar Ijaz (Daily Jasarat), Zulfiqar Ahmed Rahat (Daily Hot Line), Ahmed Shafiq (Monthly Hospitality Plus), Khalil-ur-Rehman (Daily Islam), Mumtaz Ahmed Sadiq (Daily Azadi Sawat), Muhammad Tahir (Daily Jurrat), Waqar Yousuf Azeemi (Monthly Roohani Digest), Muhammad Younus Mahar (Daily Halchal), Syed Muhammad Munir Jillani (Daily Paigham), Javed Mehar Shamsi (Daily Kaleem), Imtiaz Qazi (Daily Tameer-e-Sindh), Syed Sajjad Bokhari (Daily Abtak) and Mansoor Korai (Daily Waka) would be the members among others.
Moreover, Mehmood Alam Khalid (Monthly Farozaan), Syed Sham-ud-Doha (Daily Alfalah), Rafiq Ahmed Pirzada (Daily Pak Sindh), Mumtaz Ahmed Phulpoto (Daily Awami Parchar), Kashif Hussain Memon (Daily Budget), Sardar Naeem (Daily Quaid), Akmal Chohan (Daily Wafa), Syed Muhammad Raza Shah (Daily Jago), Sheikh Iftikhar Adil (Daily Asas), Rashid Iqbal (Daily Chand), Wazir Zada (Daily Dhun), Raja Shahani (Daily The Age), Yahya Khan Sadozai (Daily Lead Pakistan), Dr. Tauceeph Ahmed (Monthly Badalti Dunya), Habib Khan (Daily Peshawar Link) and Masood Khan (Daily Riyasat) would also be the members of committee.

Source : Pakistan Todaynew cpne

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