Commonwealth Journalists Association Letter to Prime Minister

Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,

Dear Prime Minister,

The last few weeks have witnessed a number of deeply distressing
attacks on the media in Pakistan. From the high-profile attempt on
Geo anchor Hamid Mir’s life in Karachi to the assault on the Jang
resident editor in Multan, a pattern of serious incidents aimed at
silencing dissident voices has emerged.

In particular, we note that the Jang/Geo media group has been Payne
targeted for special attention. While we uphold the highest
journalistic standards, and recognise that there are times when
newsmen and editors can overstep the line between factual
reporting and tendentious speculation, we are strongly of the view
that Pakistan’s hard-won media freedom needs to be nurtured and

As working journalists who have Pakistan’s best interests at heart,
we urge you to intervene to ensure that the media in your country is
protected against violence and undue pressure.

Yours Sincerely,
Rita Payne
President, Commonwealth Journalists Association
London, United Kingdom


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