Attacks on journalists: ‘Despots’unnerved by independent media, says Jabbar Khattak

KARACHI: Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors Society (CPNE) Secretary General, Dr Jabbar Khattak on Wednesday said certain ‘despotic’ elements did not like the presence of an independent media in the country and were targeting media persons because they spread awareness among the masses.

Addressing editors from Sindh at the CPNE Secretariat, he said the threat to senior journalist Imtiaz Alam, the attacks on Express News anchorperson Raza Rumi and Peshawar bureau chief Jamshed Baghwan and the harassment of other editors and journalists were ‘links in the same chain of events’.

The meeting was convened to discuss the increasing number of attacks on the media and the government’s failure to provide security to media persons.

Khattak said the UN and international media organisations have insisted that Pakistan will remain on top of the list of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists unless the persons involved in the attacks on the media are identified and arrested, and special prosecutors are appointed for their speedy trial.

Senior editor Wamiq Zuberi suggested that rather than waiting for any action from the government, journalists should arrange security on their own. Member of the council’s standing committee Aamir Mehmood said the plan of the CPNE Defence and Security Subcommittee is in its final stages.

The meeting was addressed by Hamid Hussain Moosavi, Ghulam Nabi Chandio, Mukhtar Aqil, Tahir Najmi, Nasirdad Baloch, Abdul Khaliq Marshal, Abdul Rahman Mangrio, Kamran Rizvi, Zahida Abbasi, Haseena Jatoi, Durdana Shahab, Sher Muhammad Kharo, Qazi Mustafa Asad Abbasi, Muhammad Taqi Alvi, Waheed jamal and Usman Arab.

Source: Express Tribune

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